Hello world!

Welcome to my WordPress. This is my first post.

I had heard of blogs. Who hasn’t in the last five or six years? Yet I did not see that as something I cared to take part in. Twitter, please! Facebook? Not me. I have now joined all of these activities.

I know how to code and design my own website with or without Dreamweaver. Why would I need these other methods? While studying a css course the instructor mentioned blogs as a “great way to get online.” Huh? You are an Adobe Certified Instructor with cred that pre-dates the expansion of the internet into the www we know and love today. They even said they use one to post their own content. It so happens that he uses WordPress.

I found some good freelance web design job postings and many people were looking for someone who can customize WordPress. I looked it up and was quite impressed with the look of this CMS. Checking out customized sites, some of people who are household names left me even more impressed.

I had begun learning of the wonders of cross-browser implementation. Just because it looked nice on my computer was no guarantee that it would render on other computers, let alone mobile devices in the same manner. I am still using techniques that do not render in all browsers. I can’t help it. I like the look of smoothly rounded corners, drop shadows and gradient effects rendered quickly and beautifully in the browser. (If you are viewing this in Internet Explorer or Opera, you cannot see what I mean.) When I saw my own home page pike747.com on an iPad Touch, it was like… cue the angelic chorus Ooaah! I have reached the promised land!

I completely comprehend that if I were working for anyone other than myself I would have to do more work to achieve the look a client or employer wants in all browsers. I love to use Photoshop, lllustrator, Flash and Fireworks to create beautiful images but I love even more the potential to render a lot of the effects I would have used them for natively, in the browser. It just seems right even to a noob like me.

Thank goodness for serious coders and developers who create great software like WordPress and Blueprint css. I am not saying they are perfect but I really don’t mind having other, more capable people perform such mind-numbing tasks as resets, SEO, anti-spamming measures and such for me. I prefer to design.

I crack myself up so much with that statement. Adobe for the last few years, at least, has continued to promote their products ability to do so many wonderful things “without the user writing a single line of code.” The marketing seems to be you are a designer, not a coder. Let us help you design while we handle the code. I am not a trained designer or a trained coder for that matter but I certainly do not possess this strong aversion to code. I think it is pretty cool how just the right sequence of letters, symbols and numbers produces a given result. Sure it can be a little frustrating debugging sometimes. It is more frustrating to me when the WYSIWYG creates it’s own code and I have to figure out where that went wrong. When I actually type, copy or paste code, it is far easier for me to know why it isn’t doing what I intended or is doing something I did not intend.

This in no way means that I don’t care about design. At some point, almost on my own, I realized that there was something going on here. There are principles and elements of design that are timeless. Art, architecture, science, mathematics, textiles, embedded in creation itself. I researched and found that yes, humans have noted this, given it a name, design. That is when I really began to enjoy myself.

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