Half Life

I finally beat the original Half Life game. After completing Half Life 2, Episode 1 and Episode 2 on hard numerous times, I reached my goal of completing the original and possibly the best excerpt of this award-winning series! The graphics are very old but the game play is terrific.

This game was released when I played on the Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn Systems. The computer we had at the time was not set up for gaming so I did not play Half Life at all until 2004.  I dived in heavily to the entire series as soon as I built a ‘real’ PC, one that, at least, had a video card.  By then Episode One was released and I played it as well.

Gordon Freeman has, alas, been out of circulation in some other- dimensional stasis as is wont to happen due to the influence/interference of the G-Man,. Valve, I’m calling you out as the G-Man.  You treat Gordon as if he belongs to you or something.  Episodic Content?  Epic bloated time waste.  Is it really this difficult for a world class developer to, develop a game?

Five years, it will have been five years, since the Orange Box,  At this point you had really better wow me!


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