Hardware Assembly

I am playing Crysis, on Very High settings on a pc that I consider a basic computer.
“I just like things to work properly.”
A game has always been a fairly reliable indicator for a computer’s overall performance. Most people want a computer for basic functions.
“I don’t really game much.”
“I’m not really a gamer.”
Are the phrases I hear the most when I begin to go on about computers. These are many of the same people that end up wanting me to help them with their computer. A lot of the time it is a software issue. A user is possibly allowing too much latitude in applications, add-ons and scripts installing themselves as they browse the web. Or, not understanding that they probably do not really need it. Flash, maybe, Silverlight, I’d rather not but possibly, Adobe Acrobat Reader? Sure why not. After that I become a little more careful. Do I really need to see that video, right now?
Sometimes it is a hardware issue and also the hardware causing a software issue. Hard drive crashes are rough. I have not performed controlled experiments but I do know this. I used to run the power supply that came with the case. The power rating in watts was very impressive. That means it is good. Correct? Then I purchased my first enthusiast power supply, a Corsair TX 750W. I wanted to build an Intel I7 system, still fairly modest at the time. with an I7920 processor, Gigabyte board with two pci express 2.0 video slots, two EVGA 9800GT 512MB graphics cards, triple channel memory 3X2GB at 2000 mHz! Okay I admit it still gets me a little excited just writing about it. This article is geared towards the non-gamer so trust me when I say that even in July of two thousand nine that was not a true Gamer Rig. Things did not work out I ended up with everything except the processor.


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