Where to Begin

I have been interested in web design for thirteen years.

When I first obtained HTML for Dummies in 1997 my current knowledge would have made me at least comfortably well off. I would like this page to be a place for people like me who want to turn pro but just haven’t quite reached that goal and, hopefully, a guru or several to help point the way.

I find so many sources of information around the web. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share even if it is not free. I certainly do not expect a free ride. I would like to find just the right niche to begin a career. I know I am not quite ready to take over the world of web design. I trust my own eye and seem to be able to track down many errors. Code is becoming more and more friendly to me. What is the entry level for this field?

If I have to ask, I have not arrived.

My own thoughts on this subject;

Isn’t there a position like copy editor or troubleshooter for someone who, at least, knows how to look at html and css code, fix typos and close hanging tags? Can edit and optimize images? Strives to accomplish natively in the browser as much as possible?

It seems that when I search for jobs or freelance opportunities people want developers. I can understand this. They make the web, especially 2.0 and beyond, really tick. Is their time not too valuable to spend correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation.

I have no problem tackling any learning task. Bring on the entire alphabet soup. Heck bring the nuts too! It just seems to me that it is a rarer individual who knows everything well, has the time, the patience and the desire to manage every aspect of website design, construction and implementation.

If there are budding developers out there who are looking for a partner for the front end, I would love to hear from you!


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